Michael P. Balzano PhD

"Garbage Man to PhD"

Dr. Michael P. Balzano is President of Balzano Associates,
a national firm specializing in workforce communications.
For more than 40 years, Mike has been a Washington
insider who served as Director of a federal agency
that included the Peace Corps, and has counseled US
Presidents as well as CEOs of Fortune 100 companies on
workforce issues.


Balzano was born in New Haven, CT, the son of working
class Italian immigrants. While many in Washington knew he was a
former high school dropout, no one knew he had
been a troubled– youth nicknamed “Crazy Mikey”– and an
undiagnosed learning-disabled child.


Following the publication of his first book, Building a New
Majority in which he shared the story of his troubled youth,
two of his corporate clients urged him to write about his
story in order to give hope and help to parents of today’s
learning disabled children.


Dyslexic: My Journey is the story of how he went from
hopeless illiterate to top scholar; from not being able to
hold a job to presidential advisor. He believes that, with
the appropriate training or education, today’s young people
can achieve the American Dream.
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