During the election of 1972 there was a seismic shift in the American political landscape.  In a landslide victory, Republican President Richard Nixon carried every state in the union except Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.  This victory occurred because Nixon reached out beyond traditional Republican voters to win the support of working-class Democrats who were part of Franklin Roosevelt’s electoral base.

Reagan replicated this electoral victory in his 1980 race against then-President Jimmy Carter by winning the support of the same Roosevelt Democrats who supported Nixon. In this 1980 election these voters were termed “Reagan Democrats.” Similarly, George H. W. Bush recognized the importance of drawing on working class Democrats in his 1988 bid for the presidency.

Today the Republican Party seeks to connect with the American people, especially working class Americans. In his book entitled Building a New Majority, Michael Balzano provides the roadmap used by Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush to win the votes of American workers.

Building a New Majority is a blueprint for constructing a new Republican Party that can win elections.