Dyslexic: My Journey offers a wealth of information and hope for parents of learning-disabled children.

Mike Balzano was an undiagnosed learning-disabled child of working class immigrants whose antisocial behavior earned him the name “Crazy Mikey”. Failing at everything, he became a garbage collector until incapacitated by a back injury. He then entered an optical apprenticeship that turned his life around. He earned a high school diploma, and ultimately a PhD with distinction from Georgetown University. Dyslexic includes the testimonies of parents who have found various approaches to deal with their child’s learning disability. Balzano’s story illustrates that with the appropriate education or training, young people can capture the American Dream.


“Mike demonstrates how apprenticeships in the crafts and trades offer young people
meaningful careers that are important to America's economic and national security.”

James V. "Jimmy" Hart PresidentMetal Trades Department, AFL-CIO

“If Mikey can do it, I can do it!”

Max9 year old dyslexic child whenever confronted with a challenge!

“The book is a call to action regarding those with learning disabilities and is filled with
practical yet provocative proposals”

Roger LaingColleague