Ike Brannon of Capital Policy Analytics Group and the Cato Institute introduced Mike Balzano to fellow members of the Prosperity Caucus.  Balzano’s new book, Building a New Majority, intrigued members that include millennials, senior economists and tax policy experts.  The Prosperity Caucus is an informal group of economists, policy analysts and other professionals interested in pro-growth issues who meet monthly over pizza and beer to dosciss cirremt events.

Of particular interest to the group were Balzano’s proposals that Republican candidates must understand the importance of expanding their voter base to include Middle American voters such as labor, blue collar and ethnic groups.  In his book, Balzano describes his involvement in drawing these voters to the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.  These voters, who had supported Franklin Roosevelt, became Nixon’s New Majority and Reagan Democrats, but have been largely ignored in recent Republican presidential campaigns.