For any political party to win the White House, it must capture a majority of working-class voters. Building a New Majority weaves together the autobiographical observations of the political and professional life of the author, Michael P. Balzano, with his seasoned analysis of several successful Republican presidential campaigns. The book provides the road map for current and future Republican candidates to follow in capturing a majority of the nation’s working-class voters.

How do the lessons learned in building Nixon’s New Majority and winning Reagan Democrats apply to candidates running for office in 2016?

Or: what are the ways in which Republican candidates can connect with New Majority voters?

  1. Republicans must overcome their reluctance to reach out beyond their comfort zone – to court the votes of those not traditionally associated with the Republican Party
  2. It is important to recognize that unions are not a monolith. Workers are very approachable on the issues. Republicans should not miss opportunities to outreach directly to workers at the state and local levels.
  3. The working classes share the same values and have the same aspirations as Republican candidates. Find the common ground with these voters.
  4. Be committed to keeping promises made during the campaign – to encourage these new voters to become part of the candidate’s New Majority.

In Balzano’s chapter on “Opportunities,” he lays out an agenda with specific public policy options to revitalize the nation’s economy and to give hope to America’s workers. The concluding chapter of the book offers a key set of messages for rallying the working classes as Reagan did. In addition, Balzano describes the messages and the mechanisms used successfully by winning Republican candidates.

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